About us


Local legend says that the first olives in Ulcinj were planted by the Illyrians.  Having seen that olives are a part of the local population’s diet, additional olive trees were planted throughout Ulcinj in the fifteenth century when Ulcinj fell under the Ottoman rule

Presently, there are over 175,000 olive trees in Ulcinj.  The olive plantation of the Kollari family is one among many.

Throughout the generations, the Kollari family has been a pioneer in olive oil cultivation. Our olive trees have always been carefully treated by our family members,  giving our olives a joyful and fruitful family nurture.

The Kollari family owns olive trees that are more than 400 years old, and we produce the finest extra virgin olive oil of Ulcinj.  Our efforts have been recognized in regional and international competitions. In 2013 in Zadar, Croatia, Saban Buco Kolari’s extra virgin olive oil PONTE won a silver medal, accomplishing what no one in Montenegro had been able to do until then.  In 2014, PONTE oil was recognized for its aroma and pungency by the panel leaders, most notably Dr. Gino Celleti at the Copenhagen International Olive Oil Awards.

Ponte extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the finest green olives along the coast of Ulcinj. This oil has a rich, fruity, and slightly spicy taste and aroma.Starting in October 2014, the Kollari family will add the newest technique of olive oil pressing to their line – Enorossi – which has the capacity to crush over 400 kg of olives per hour. Crushing will be done with the most up to date technology of its kind, helping us extract the finest extra virgin olive oil.

Many centuries ago, olive oil from Ulcinj, placed in amphorae and jugs, was brought to Venice, Rome and Cairo by traders.

Today, we invite you to visit us, experience the finest extra virgin olive oil of Ulcinj and share your experience with others.